Block & Blue Derby Camp

Camp participants will be enrolled in a 6 week course focused on teaching the minimum skills needed to play roller derby. 

Campers will also get  the opportunity to take the Level Up assessment to become a full League Member on Week 7.  We will teach you all of the necessary skills to pass the assessment.


No experience necessary.  

Audience:  Women 18 years or older who want to learn and sweat

Location:  Hot Wheels Skate Center, 228 Farm Ridge Dr NE, Woodstock, GA  30188


Dates: October 1 – November 5

Days/Time: Mondays 8-10pm.

Cost: $40

Minimum Requirement: Mouthguard. You need to purchase and pre-mold your mouthguard before arriving.

Each week will focus on the skills you need to succeed with Roller Derby.

Week 1: Orientation, Stops, Falls
Week 2: Paceline Weaving, Agility
Week 3: Cone Weaving, Crossovers
Week 4: Laterals, Jumps, One-footed Glides
Week 5: Walls 101, Sock Scrimmage, Game Situations
Week 6: Skills Review


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