Peach Recruits: Become a Skater

No experience necessary.  Go to “Cost and Schedule” page to sign up.

Our newly launched Peach Recruits program occurs season round at our home base at Hot Wheels Skate Center. We accept all skill levels, even if you have never worn a pair of skates-although it doesn’t hurt to have some skating experience!

Our league has a gender-inclusive policy, in line with the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s gender policy. We welcome trans, intersex, gender non-binary and expansive people for whom women’s flat track roller derby is the version of derby with which they most closely identify.

You must be 18 years old to join our adult league, but see our Junior’s page for ages 12-17.

As part of the Peach Recruits program, you will participate in derby related skills and complete assessments to level up as your training coach determines growth.

Once all training and assessments have been completed and passed, you will graduate to our Fresh Meat program.  Fresh Meat allows skaters to participate in league scrimmages in order to increase your derby strength and awareness.  Thereafter, it’s roster time!

Get in touch with us at  to find out more or if you have any questions.

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