Heidi Gloom Skater Spotligtht

Derby name and #: Heidi Gloom  #111

Which team(s) do you work with?: Peach State Roller Derby All-Stars/ The Rome Rollergirls

Occupation outside of derby?:  Legal Assistant

​Hobbies and Inetersts?: I love reading. I would choose a good book over a movie any day.

Most Memorable Experience: I have so many great memories from the last four years honestly its hard to choose just one. I mean any after party with RRG is definitely memorable. But I would say my proudest moment was getting crowd favorite in Athens. MVP is a great accomplishment but getting pick by the fans of the opposing team; that to me was definitely a day to remember.

What do you enjoy most about derby: The bond I have built with my teammates. We have had our good days and bad but one thing I can always count on is we always have each other’s back. We are one big dysfunctional family. Also, the hitting; I can’t deny that I truly enjoy it. But the most enjoyable thing in derby is waking up the day after a bout and checking out all of my awesome faces that Blaine Cone has mastered catching on camera.

What got you into derby:  I went to support a friend who was fresh meat at the time. Honestly, at first I didn’t want to go, but after maybe five minutes I was hooked. I joined the Rome Rollergirls the following Tuesday.

Athletic background prior to derby: I grew up playing every sport the rec department offered

Advice for new skaters: Don’t give up. Never quit. Yell, grunt, cry, get mad, do whatever you have to but don’t give up. Skate through the pain, push through the doubt, be the skater only you can be. Believe me it’s all worth it in the end. If it gets too easy, push yourself harder. But the best advice I can give is find that one person that won’t let you quit, who is there to make you keep going, that person that when you don’t want to go to practice, you think to yourself, ‘is it really worth hearing their mouth?’, so you get your stuff and go. (JUST A GIRL I mean you)

Anything else that people might like to know about you or derby:  Wash your pads frequently and as I have said hundreds of times use vinegar for heaven’s sake!

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