Turbo Royale Skater Spotlight


What is your Derby Name and number? 

Turbo Royale #5

Which Team(s) do you work with?

MDD Home Team

Peach State All Stars

Your Most Memorable Experience?

Many come to mind being that it is my first season playing roller derby but two standout experiences include receiving MVP Jammer in my very first bout and getting two black eyes during an All Stars bout.

What’s your day job?

I just celebrated 15 years at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta as a nurse and clinical  educator.

What are Your Hobbies and Interests?

Derby of course! When I’m in I’m all in. Can’t wait to teach my 3 year old, 6 year old…and Mr. Turbo how to skate.

What Got you into Derby?

Derby has crossed my mind on a few occasions over the years, especially because I always loved to skate as a kid, but the idea of playing roller derby seemed unrealistic…crazy…far-fetched. Until the day I came across a MDD bout flyer on the Marietta Square and decided to go for it! Why not – the only person stopping me – was me.

What do you enjoy most about Derby?

Being challenged, realizing I am competitive, feeling strong, getting stronger. Playing a team sport – derby being my first. Buying a pair of real skates, the skating rink and just skating again. Sharing this awesome experience with family and new friends!

Your Advice for New Skaters?

Do off-skate training outside of practice. Watch a lot of derby. Don’t be afraid to fail or let fear get in the way. Remember it’s roller derby – it’s not supposed to be easy!

Athletic Background prior to Derby?

I’ve always been into health and fitness but never participated in a competitive sport. However – I did have more than a few birthday parties at the rink, attended every school skate night and was a wrestling junkie as a kid…Road Warriors and The Rock N Roll Express were some of my favs! And that’s got to count for something!

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